Would you like to join our growing and remote team?

SignRequest is a company built for the future. We help our customers reach beyond here and now by offering them solutions to work with anyone, anywhere. As a company, we love setting an example. As a distributed team, we offer our team members the opportunity to work from wherever they want. After all, we all need different things. Some of us like working in a familiar place with some teammates around while others work best when they can be in Bali one month and Colombia the next. So we decided to create a remote team with the option to work together in Amsterdam.

The future holds nothing but possibility if you ask us. Especially when you offer a product like ours. We have big plans for big growth. We're building a team of people who want to help SignRequest excel as a company.

For the following positions we're actively seeking your help but if you feel like we might be a good fit for you please don't hesitate to contact us!

Senior Full Stack Developer

We're expanding our core development team and we're looking for our next tech lead/architect/evangelist. If you've been playing this game long enough to know that "Full stack developers" are just smart folk who are passionate about all things computing, you're at the right place!

While we love teaching, right now it's our time to grow and a solid foundation of senior developers to build out our team is in our opinion essential. That's why we're looking for well-rounded, experienced developers. A team that raises SignRequest up to new heights. Really putting talent to use to grow as a company and grow as professionals is our ultimate goal.

We're looking for you if you:

  • Love Python.
  • Can deal with JavaScript.
  • Enjoy pushing bare metal to the limit (metaphorically speaking, we're using AWS).
  • Appreciate an efficient developer environment.
  • See yourself building and leading a team (if this is your ambition).
  • Like to play around with blockchain technology that makes sense (not required).

Our stack:

  • AWS; Europe servers, ECS, ECR, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Redis, WAF, Cloudfront, SES, SNS, S3 etc. The full stack described in Cloudformation templates generated with Python (Troposphere). Rolling updates with 0 downtime.
  • Backend; mostly Python, some Java. Async tasks in AWS Lambda and python workers running from a queue. Services are stateless.
  • Frontend; Fully static SPA served from S3/Cloudfront, AngularJS (we're around for quite a while and up for discussion to be replaced). Marketing pages are statically generated to flat HTML.
  • Some Tools; Circle CI (full test run in 30 minutes, room to improve speed), Sentry (front and backend errors), New Relic, Datadog and various analysis tools.

We offer:

  • The ultimate scalable product in a fast-growing worldwide market that offers diverse challenges.
  • Passionate and driven young team that understands and values your work.
  • Complete freedom; choose your role, location and working hours.
  • Time to contribute to open-source.
  • And because we know money matters: we'll significantly raise your last paycheck as we believe developers are undervalued in current market conditions. More than corporate money, startup quality of life!

Your time is valuable, we realise that, so we won't waste it with skill tests. However, we are looking for top notch senior devs so we will be picky. You might just decide the future of SignRequest, after all.

Is this not you but you know someone who is? Make the perfect recommendation and on hiring this person, we will reward you with $1000. This offer includes recruiters, however, the offer is final.

Growth Hacker

Would you like to optimize SignRequest's growth? Do you see the potential of our growth model, but also instantly get the itch to improve our service? Perfect! Currently, we have the basics of our growth model covered, but now we would like to go the extra mile. Let us know how you think we can improve!

Please reach out to us if you're interested in joining our team.


Geert-Jan Persoon
Tel: +316-46286880